Friday, May 02, 2008

This is the GAL, case worker, home supervisor, Beau-Bailey's god father, Jamie- my best friend and the Judge. Oh, and of course Hannah

The Judge presented Bailey with a book and certificate

Luke's turn to be the judge
Now it's Noah's turn

Bailey Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN's Adoption

Posing the kids in front of our fire place before Bailey's adoption

The family at the courthouse waiting for the adoption hearing
Judge Kennedy did the hearing and he was so great
The judge let the kids sit in his chair and Bailey loved it
All of the family came, it was so great. My grandparents, Brian's parents and my parents. We officially had Bailey's name changed from Elizabeth Bailey Balentine to Bailey Elizabeth Zimmerman!

Grandma and Grandpa's visit to Colorado

Grandma Susan and Bailey eating a frozen banana

Grandpa Steven with Noah. Noah was sooo happy to see him
Grandma and Grandpa bought Bailey this Minnie Mouse outfit. She loved it so much, she wore it to Noah's soccer game

Noah's first soccer game

The neighborhood kids on our trampoline

Noah's first day at soccer practice
Bailey having her breathing treatment
Boys being goofy

Bubble Bath

Silly kiddos

They were all pretending to be Santa

Giving high fives

Just Hanging Out

Poor Dog!

Noah and I built this fort and we were so proud of ourselves

Aunt Hannah had a show and tell at her school and we went with her and Noah felt so cool in front of the big kid class

Friday, March 28, 2008

Brian putting the air mask on Noah. We have a picture of Noah in front of the fire trucks tire when he was 7 weeks old. He's changed so much and he's such a great kid. We love our kids

Noah's friend left last December and came to visit over spring break. He spent the night last night and they had a great time
Our poor dog was having to take the role of a horse today. Luke was yelling "yehaw"

Cheyenne Mountain Fire Department

The kids looooved going to Brian's fire department. Luke kept calling it his fire station

Noah wearing Brian's air pack, it's really heavy

Easter at my parents

Aunt Hannah and the kiddos
I made my grandma a cake for her birthday/Easter

My brother
Poor Brian was missing, we was working, of course. L-R back row...Me, my grandpa holding Bailey, my grandma, my mom, great uncle George, brother Brian
front row L-R Hannah, great aunt Ellen, Noah and my dad

Easter Egg Hunt at our friend Kara's house

Going up the stairs for an Easter egg hunt

This picture cracks me up. Look at Noah's basket of eggs and the basket next to his

All the kiddos at Kara's, not so easy to get them all to look at the same time